Cat is a cuddly muffle: how to get used to petting?

Soo fluffy and sweet - you want to caress them all day long. But not every cat likes it as much as you do. Some kitty is even a real cuddly muffle. But it doesn't have to stay that way. "Stroke? Don't!" Thinks the red tabby cat - Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

Some velvet paws sometimes extend their claws when the cuddle unit just doesn't fit into the stuff. This desire for rest should be respected and tolerated. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that make the cuddling time for pet owners and room tigers the highlight of the day.

Get to know your own cat

The most important finding if you are wondering about the behavior of your velvet paw is: Every cat is individual. Some love hours-long cuddle units, others prefer to have as much space as possible and only be petted when they specifically request it. There is no point in forcing the fur nose to do something that it actually does not want - that only damages the human-cat relationship.

Wild catches are mostly overwhelmed by the pure presence of people in their environment. Cautious or shy cats prefer to have everything in view before they can relax - and they need their freedom to do so.

Stroke me! Fluffy, soft cats are easy to cuddle

Tricks to get the cat used to petting

If you want to get your kitty used to petting, you have to work on the trust base. And that means that you should approach your velvet paw calmly. If she has just moved in with you, leave her a lot of space and offer her a treat from time to time. If you want to dare to stroke, wait for the cat to come to you. Simply touching them out of the blue would scare them away. Start with gentle touches and reward them with a delicious bite.

Your pet will get used to these rewards and will gradually look for you. During this time, you should always carry treats with you. If you lie on the sofa and the velvet paw hugs you, you can give her a little "thank you". But gently: As soon as you notice that the kitty has enough, leave her alone. Then she will surely come for another cuddle unit soon.

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