Hangover Maru and the clear plastic bowl

Hangover Maru and the clear plastic bowl

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Tom Maru is known for wanting to fit in all sorts of boxes. In this video, the cozy cat has chosen a more unusual resting place: a transparent plastic bowl. And as always, Maru looks adorable when he makes himself comfortable.

However, it is a little rocky in the transparent plastic bowl. Maru notices this especially when his favorite person lets a toy whiz along the floor. Maru tries to catch it and rolls out of his bowl. But what about the jar? A salad bowl is not only spoken by the lack of stability, but also by a clear hole in the bottom. The secret will be revealed at the end of the video: the plastic bowl is actually a comfortable and chic cat bed. The hole is there to screw the seat onto a base. In the end, Maru lies in the ready-made cat bed and finds it even more convenient.

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