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Behavioral disorder: treat Pica syndrome

Behavioral disorder: treat Pica syndrome

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When cats suddenly start eating plastic or clothing items, they suffer from a behavioral disorder. Treat pica syndrome only when you know what is causing the eating disorder. Can Pica Syndrome be Treated? - Image: Shutterstock / r.classen

If cats eat things like plastic or textiles that they really cannot digest, there is a risk of life-threatening bowel obstruction. If your four-legged friend does this regularly, we are talking about the so-called pica syndrome in cats. According to some experts, the behavioral disorder is hereditary. If you want to treat pica syndrome, you should first determine whether the pet's parents are also inclined to this disorder. In this case, it could be difficult to get the cat out of eating behavior. Be sure to contact a veterinarian and treat the disorder together.

Pica syndrome is used to treat deficiency symptoms

Physical causes such as illnesses or deficiency symptoms can also be considered. Have your vet check to see if your cat is missing anything. If there is a lack of iron, some cats even eat the litter from the litter box. Pica syndrome could then be treated with dietary supplements or a corresponding treatment of the disease. A change in diet can also be helpful: Instead of canned food, feed dry food - this contains more digestion-friendly raw fibers.

Tips for mental behavior disorders

If your cat is often alone and bored, the misguided eating behavior could also compensate for the lack of attention. Question whether the current living conditions still allow the cat to be kept in a species-appropriate manner. If you want to treat Pica syndrome, you should give your velvet paw enough time and regularly play with it and send it to you for stroking.

On the other hand, a very close bond with the holder can also lead to stress - at the latest when it is not available. As a substitute act, some cats start to eat indigestible things. It is important to educate the pet to be more independent: Reduce the interaction with your pet gradually, even if it is difficult. You decide when to stroke.

Detect intestinal obstruction in cats in good time

If cats have an intestinal obstruction, it can be life-threatening. Therefore…

Deny cats access

At the same time, you should make sure that your four-legged friend has no access to the objects that he keeps nibbling on. If your cat has eaten the carpet, you should prevent her from accessing the appropriate area by placing a piece of furniture on it. A keep-away spray could also help. New cat toys could help treat Pica syndrome: the behavioral disorder can be channeled into a healthy hunting instinct.


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