High quality cat food: what does it matter?

High quality cat food: what does it matter?

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High quality cat food is especially important for a healthy diet of your house tiger. But what is it that makes high-quality feed so special? The decisive factor here is the meat content. Image: Shutterstock / aspen rock

In supermarkets alone, the selection of cat food is huge. If you buy the food for your velvet paw in a pet store, you will soon no longer see the food for the cans. Countless brands at very different prices are crowding together. In order to find the best possible cat food among them, you have to compare a little and take a close look at the can or pack. It is generally recommended to mainly feed wet food because it contains more moisture than in dry food. Your cat should get enough fluids from the food, so the moisture content of the feed is ideally between 50 and 70 percent.

High quality cat food: precise list of ingredients

High-quality cat food is often characterized by the fact that the ingredients and ingredients are listed exactly on the packaging. Because you often pay a higher price for good quality feed, so that the manufacturer willingly discloses what is included in the product and why the higher costs are justified.

For example, "animal by-products" can be mentioned on the packaging, which can also include inferior slaughter waste. Instead, if these by-products are declared more precisely, for example by "5% heart, 5% percent liver" - these innards are generally considered to be of high quality - this has a more trusting effect and speaks for the good quality of the cat food.

Healthy nutrition through high meat content

A decisive factor in the quality of cat food is a high proportion of easily digestible meat. It should be about two thirds, after all the four-legged friends naturally feed on meat. It contains high-quality proteins, to which the digestive system of the velvet paws is optimally adjusted. Meat also contains important amino acids such as taurine, which cats cannot produce themselves compared to dogs. Cat food enriched with artificial taurine does not necessarily have to be of higher quality, because cats can only utilize it to a small extent.

Pet food without additives: organic food for cats

More and more animal feed manufacturers today rely on organic quality and ensure that cat owners ...

High quality cat food is grain free

The remaining third of most types of feed consist of cereals. However, high-quality cat food is best free of grain, because it contains too many carbohydrates that your house tiger cannot use. The cat's digestive tract is comparatively short. However, there are also quality differences in cat food without grain. Sugar, colors, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers can still be added to the feed and you should avoid these additives when buying. Grain-free does not necessarily mean high quality.

Herbal ingredients in high quality cat food

Of course, it is still not possible to do without any plant-based ingredients in the feed. High-quality cat food contains additives such as boiled rice and potatoes or vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin and zucchini. These provide your cuddly tiger with the necessary minerals, fiber and vitamins. High quality cat food should contain about two to a maximum of ten percent herbal ingredients.


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