Above the roofs of Berlin: pigeons indulge in luxury

While Berliners will have to wait a long time for their new airfield, the new "pigeon airport" at Potsdamer Platz will be met with a shared echo, because why should such unpopular poultry indulge in architectural luxury? The purpose of the new noble hostel should not only please the pigeons. Above the roofs of Berlin: pigeons indulge in luxury - Image: (CC) Flickr / Genista

The planners expect less dirt on the streets of Berlin from the project, reports the "Berliner Zeitung". True to the motto: If you feel comfortable in the luxury lounge, you will no longer have to beg at the takeaways. In plain language this means: The pigeons are fed in their new home on a high-rise building at Potsdamer Platz so that they no longer bother the numerous tourists. Accordingly, less legacies should be found on the streets and on the square.

Incidentally, the luxurious pigeon house offers 68 nesting places, and it can be expected that these will be "booked out" all year round. However, since there are already around 10,000 pigeons in the capital, employees of the Berlin Animal Welfare Association are replacing the eggs deposited here with plastic replicas. By the way: The "pigeon airport" not only gets ready faster than its counterpart, but also looks even more stylish: the architects responsible gave it the shape of a large pigeon made of steel and glass. If the city's plans work, at least this pigeon will take the hearts of Berliners by storm.

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