This is how you promote your dog's intelligence

Most dogs like to learn something new. You can take advantage of this to promote the intelligence of your four-legged friend. With a few fun games, your dog will train his head and have fun as well. You can promote dog intelligence with fun and games - Shutterstock / Frank11

In principle, all games are suitable to promote your dog's intelligence. The more you deal with your four-legged friend and the more varied your training is, the more fun you both will have and the more attentive and alert your animal friend will be. Dog intelligence counteracts boredom.

Search games with the dog

For this exercise, you need a human helper to promote your dog's intelligence. Ask your friend to hide your pet's favorite toy from their eyes while you are in the next room. Then come over and ask your dog to find the toy. If your dog is careful, he will lead you to the hiding place and show you his toy.

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Intelligence game with treats

Games in which a small reward in the form of treats pops out for them are also particularly popular with dogs. Try to promote the intelligence of your pet with the little game. Take three hats or cups and hide a treat under one of them while your dog watches. Now move the hats and ask your four-legged friend where the treat is. If he doesn't find it right away, try again a little more slowly.

Promote intelligence with memory training

In addition, not only can a dog's attention be trained, but also its memory. Go outside with your pet and take their favorite toy with them. At one point, throw it away and tell your dog to stay with you. Then go ahead and come back after a while. If your four-legged friend remembers where his toy is, he will start sniffing at the appropriate place. Then he can fetch and retrieve the toy.