Attention! This is how cats enforce their will

Attention! This is how cats enforce their will

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When it comes to attracting attention, cats are true masters. Whether for long Maunz concerts, gentle paws or jumping on the desk - the velvet paws know that their people cannot resist them. "Halloooo! Here I am! Pay attention! Play with me!": Cats know exactly how to charm their favorite people - Shutterstock / The Len

Usually cats want attention because they are hungry, play, want to go outside or because they want to cuddle. If your house tiger behaves abnormally, for example, is aggressive, suddenly very shy or shows other behavior changes, let the veterinarian clarify this. However, the following characters from the cat language repertoire are usually no cause for concern.

When cats disturb work ...

Cats don't like to be disturbed in their daily activities - napping, eating, grooming. But that doesn't mean that they also leave their favorite people alone in their everyday activities. Especially when you are sitting at a desk and actually want to work, it is not that easy with cats in the house. Oops, Mieze has jumped on the desk and lies in front of the keyboard in such a way that you can no longer type. Or she tries to "help" you and dabs her keys on the fluffy paws. Perhaps the situation looks familiar to you in this Cole-and-Marmalade video?

However, cats do not only interfere with work with great pleasure when they want to attract your attention. As soon as you have made yourself comfortable with the newspaper or a book on the sofa, it will not be long before your Schnuffelschnute jumps on your lap and wants to cuddle. Or it just lies on the page you just wanted to read. But actually this behavior is so cute and lovable that you can't be angry with the fur noses - and they know that, it seems.

Love is ... how cats show their affection

She loves me, she doesn't love me, she loves me ... whether cats feel love for their people ...

"Meow! Attention! Immediately!"

Another way to grab your attention is to "meow" the cat. Small kittens communicate with their mum by mawning, but adult cats usually only meow in humans. Anyone who knows his kitty well knows how her various meows sound and whether she is hungry, wants to play outside or is in a cuddly mood. The cat Casey in the video, for example, absolutely wants to be let out in the garden right now and check that everything is in order:

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Playful house tigers want attention

If cats think it is time for their game hour, they usually communicate this very clearly. Some salon lions simply bring their toys and put them in their favorite people's laps or in front of their feet. Other room tigers get their wild five minutes and whiz across the apartment. Or they just start playing with their person on their own, for example by hiding and pawing their legs as soon as you walk past them. It gets a bit painful when cats are in the mood to play while their human playmate is lying in bed. It can happen that you bite your toes hiding under the covers.

There is another way

If cats want attention, they can be very inventive and ready to do anything wrong. For example, they jump onto the kitchen counter or the table, although they are not allowed to do so. They throw objects on the floor or knock over glasses. They may also climb up your leg, look at you for hours, play the alarm clock at night, or unwind the toilet paper roll. This and other cheeky habits of cats who want to wrap their favorite people around the finger can be seen in the following video:


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