Become a cat sitter: how does it work?

Would you like to be a cat sitter and wonder how this is possible? You do not need a cat sitter training and can apply for it at any time in a cat household, but you should consider a few important things in advance. The chemistry between cat sitter and cat should always be right - Shuttertsock / Stokkete

Many people work all day and have to leave their cats alone during this time. Cat sitters look after velvet paws for this time and ensure that they are not lacking in anything. This also applies if the cat owners go on vacation and cannot take their pet with them.

Catsitting: not without know-how

Catsitting is not just about playing with the kitty and filling the food bowl - you also need to be able to handle difficult animals and should know what to do in an emergency with a sick or injured cat.

At best, you are familiar with the different cat breeds and the respective requirements. In any case, you should have a knack for animals and love cats. For a good cat sitter, catsitting is above all a matter of the heart and passion.

Cat Sitter: Holiday care in a familiar environment

A cat sitter can be the solution if you go on vacation and don't take your cat with you ...

This is how you can become a good cat sitter

If you want to become a cat sitter, you can acquire extensive knowledge of cat keeping. And in addition to theoretical knowledge, this also means practical experience. Anyone who has read a lot about cats, but has never really dealt with a house tiger, may be overwhelmed with the responsible task of being a cat sitter.

So it's best to practice dealing with cats. Spend time with the cat of friends, acquaintances or family members or do an internship or voluntary service in the animal shelter. You will also learn a lot about handling fur noses at a cat station. References such as working in an animal shelter are particularly good when applying for a cat sitter.

Everything about labor law: you need to know that

Becoming a cat sitter sounds easy, but so that the new job does not have any nasty surprises in store for you, you should not only inform yourself about the requirements for a cat sitter, but also about the legal statutes. If you would like to become self-employed as a cat sitter, you have to register a business and insure yourself, for example. If it is only a part-time job, it must not be forgotten in the annual tax return and must be registered with the tax office.

In addition, make sure to record conditions such as working hours, salary and services in a contract. If something happens and the cat owner wants to sue you, for example because you have not done something important to him, you can always rely on the contract.

Also clarify whether you should get food, medication, cat litter etc. as a cat sitter or whether these are already sufficiently available. Exchange emergency numbers and addresses and let yourself be put in the picture about the special features of the fur nose to be looked after, so that you are prepared for all eventualities.

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