Cat nutrition in winter: you have to pay attention to this

Cat nutrition in winter: you have to pay attention to this

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In principle, the same rules apply to cat nutrition in winter as in summer. Still, with a few small changes, you can help your cat feel a little more comfortable in the cold season. Do cats need different food in winter than usual? - Shutterstock / pio3

When it comes to cat nutrition in winter, it depends on whether your cat is a cat or a purely domestic cat. Regardless of whether your pet goes outside or not, cats often have a greater appetite in winter, but are also plagued by winter fatigue. This can lead to being overweight unless you prevent it.

Feed cats properly in winter

Free-roaming cats can be treated to slightly larger portions of high-quality cat food when feeding cats in winter, but you should reduce the portions a little for domestic cats. This is because free-fallers can use a small additional layer of fat as protection against the cold and work it off again in the spring. Then the cold is over and your fur nose has more fun moving outdoors.

It is best to avoid additional treats in the cold season for both outdoors and house cats to avoid giving your sweet tooth unnecessary excess calories. For stray cats in winter, you can provide fresh water and food every day in a protected place.

Cold protection for outdoor enthusiasts in winter

With thick winter fur and a thirst for adventure, many outdoor enthusiasts don't want to ...

Don't change your cat's diet too drastically

However, do not try to make any major changes in winter cat food because the animals are very sensitive and don’t like it if something doesn’t work according to their habits. As a rule, it is sufficient if you adjust the portion sizes of the normal cat food a little to the changed calorie needs of your cat. If you have any further questions - for example food supplements for a strong immune system - contact your veterinarian.

Fun and games in the winter cold

Despite winter tiredness, you should motivate your cat to play a little with you and exercise. If she is sleeping soundly and soundly, this is the wrong time, but as soon as she gets a little livelier you can try your luck. If she doesn't get bored and moves a bit, she doesn't put on as much winter bacon.


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