Cute dogs at the Puppy Bowl: romp for a good cause

Cute dogs at the Puppy Bowl: romp for a good cause

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The Puppy Bowl IX is not for the hard-boiled. On February 3, 2013, the incredibly sweet animal spectacle competes with the American Superbowl, the finale of the American football championship. Instead of football armor, the Puppy Bowl by Animal Planet offers a colorful and sweet animal program: cute dogs "fight" here in a mini-arena for the title of the most valuable dog and promote the adoption of animals in front of a wide audience. Puppy Bowl IX: Dogs play for their peers - Image: Screenshot /

What is initially announced as a major sporting event turns out to be a cute animal spectacle that is staged in a football stadium in mini format. The main characters in the ninth edition of the Puppy Bowl are six cute Wauwaus, all of which come from animal shelters. Now they have the chance to just romp around and play in front of a large audience, to make the audience aware of the opportunities to adopt one of their unruly and unfeeling colleagues in local animal shelters and to give him a new home.

Superbowl as a role model: Kitty Half-Time Show

As with the sporty role model, which comes up every year with a pompous half-time show, the cute animals don't let themselves be ragged: at the no less cute Kitty Half-Time Show, the funny dogs leave the field for half an hour and leave the fluffy velvet paws the precedence. And now it's all about one thing: playing! All kinds of toys are available, laser points are hunted, balls of wool are shot through the area. In the end there is a big rain of confetti. Of course, the Puppy Bowl also includes cheerleaders mimed by hedgehogs. By the way, hamsters are also involved.

Animal Planet broadcasts the Puppy Bowl on its own website and provides pictures from the most unusual perspectives: They are everywhere in the "stadium" or under a glass bowl and directly on the cute animals. February 3, 2013, 3 p.m., will be a must for all fans of cute and funny animals. For the right preparation, you can click through here and have a look at the six main characters Marta, Biscuit, Chestnut, Aurora, Elias and Sally:

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