Can dogs eat barbecue chips

Can dogs eat barbecue chips?


Dogs can have a small amount of certn types of food.

There are a number of dog food products with various health clms in the US. Most of these are not suitable for dogs because they contn a number of chemicals, additives and preservatives.

If a dog can eat something, it can be eaten. It is really the dog owner's responsibility to ensure that the food they choose is suitable and safe for their dog.

Canine Nutrition for Health and Performance, Third Edition: A Complete Reference for Pet Owners.

Canines can eat some foods, but they must first be “homemade” dog foods that are made from wholesome, high-quality ingredients that have not been altered in the name of convenience, flavor, or profit.

Can dogs eat barbecue chips?


Yes, in fact, dogs can eat all kinds of things.

They can eat fruits, veggies, beans, grns, chicken, beef, bacon, cheese, yogurt, cake, popcorn, chips, crackers, pretzels, nuts and beans (beans and peanut butter). All of those things, and other things can all be in their diet.

The only thing that can be considered hazardous to them (or at least harmful to their health) is that they should not eat things that can cause digestive problems, such as things like chocolate, ice cream, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and red meat.


Dogs, like people, have to eat, and if there's something they don't like then they'll eat it anyway.

So in your question you ask whether dogs can eat barbecue chips. The answer is yes, and that's because they are not "chips". They're just pln old chips, and if dogs like them then they will eat them. They're not dangerous to them in any way. They're just ordinary foods for dogs that are just different from the kind of foods that people eat.

The reason why dogs don't eat "humans foods" is not because they are unkind to dogs, or they are mean, or because they don't want to eat the foods of the species that made them, but because their stomachs can't digest those foods. Humans eat food because we have a stomach and other digestive organs that are designed to eat those foods. Dogs eat food because they have a stomach and other digestive organs that are designed to eat food.

If dogs did eat human food then they'd get sick. That's why they don't. That's why they can eat ordinary foods.

If you're concerned about the chips and wonder whether they might be hazardous to dogs, then you should probably consider the following, and you should probably assume that chips are hazardous to dogs until you find evidence to the contrary:

Chocolate contns chemicals that are toxic to dogs.

Coffee, including decaf, contns chemicals that are toxic to dogs.

Red meat contns chemicals that are toxic to dogs.

In the unlikely event that you find a brand of dog food that says it contns none of those chemicals then you might be able to safely feed them. They won't be ideal, but they'll be safe, and that's a lot better than being dead or sick. If you've never fed them a particular brand before then you'll probably want to start with a brand that they've never had before.

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And then when you've gotten the hang of it you can start thinking about which chips you want to give them.

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