Can dogs eat goldfish crackers

Can dogs eat goldfish crackers

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Can dogs eat goldfish crackers?


If they get a hold of a goldfish cracker they will probably eat it and then leave it somewhere and it will just sit there.

Goldfish crackers are generally sold as bait or for ornamental use. They do not last very long. I can't think of a situation where someone would want them for food.


Yes, if they find them, your dog will eat them and most likely leave them for another dog to find.

They are not food and the dog's digestive system is not designed for food that is hard to digest.


I believe it would be safe to feed your dogs goldfish crackers, but only if they find them themselves. I don't believe it would be a good idea to have your dog find goldfish crackers and then feed them. If it does find them, it will find them and probably eat them. If it doesn't find them, the goldfish crackers will likely just sit there in your yard until another dog comes across them, eats them, and then leaves them. You could probably feed them to your dog. Just make sure the dog is always supervised. You shouldn't want to be walking your dog, or in a place where it might find and eat goldfish crackers, when the dog eats them.

That said, your dog will likely be able to eat them. It would be better to feed them a better source of protein than goldfish crackers, but I think that they could probably be eaten without any serious consequences.

As with anything, you should always consult your vet before giving your dog any new treats or supplements. You shouldn't even be making the decision that it's OK to feed your dog goldfish crackers.

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