Can dogs have sesame sticks

Can dogs have sesame sticks

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Can dogs have sesame sticks in their tummy?

Q. I have a 20-month old husky and was wondering if there is any sort of dietary problem that I need to look into for my dog. I took her to the vet and they couldn't find anything. She weighs 24 pounds, eats only whole grain, high in protein, raw food with no treats and seems healthy. She is healthy. She has no history of health problems. I was at the vet last week for a routine check and she took a blood sample which showed normal levels of vitamin and mineral. She got a complete vet physical. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Thanks for your question. Yes, there can be problems with dogs eating sesame sticks, and even worse, some peanut butter sticks. These can be found in the toy department of any grocery store. I would never leave them out for my dog. My biggest concern is that she might eat them with the peanut butter, if you can't remove it. Peanut butter is not a good ingredient to use for any dog, as it can cause many problems, such as the dreaded peanut allergy. And it is a major allergens.

However, some dogs are sensitive to sesame and can be allergic to the sesame protein. Allergic dogs could die within a few hours after being fed sesame. If your dog eats a tiny portion of sesame, or has a reaction, you may be able to find the allergic protein in the food and avoid it. However, this would be extremely difficult. The best recommendation for most dogs with these allergies is to feed a diet free of sesame.

Thanks again for your question. Please see the following two articles on our Web site that are very helpful:

Dear Dr. Pitman: My husband took my dog to the vet. He did not want to take the dog in his home because of a prior bad experience. The vet is very expensive and my husband is only a part-time dog owner and is on several medications, and his health is poor. The vet said the dog could use a home visit from a well-trained person. I tried to ask the vet if he could do a home visit for my dog. He said he has never done that. I am at my wits end. My husband said the vet could check him for kidney disease and treat him. I am not sure I can trust him.

My husband has gone to his work. We have a large house and a small fenced in area where we keep the dog. I believe this could be a place for a home visit. My husband said to check with you.

The cost of the vet would be less than the cost of the home visit. I am trying to find answers. I really like my husband, but I am so worried. Do you know if a vet would do this?

Dear Dr. Pitman: I got my dog, a male Boxer, in August. The first time I called the vet office for him to have a blood test, I had an argument with the vet. I thought I was treated very rudely and treated that way by everyone at the office. I never called again. The vet said he had a good home and was OK. I had thought he needed emergency care.

I called again because I took my dog to work. I felt the same way. I called again the next day and again was treated rudely. I went to the vet again and the vet said the dog had been taking care of himself and he would let him go back home. I went home with my dog and he was fine.

I am so angry and sad and frustrated. I can't afford a home visit for my dog. The vet will not do anything for my dog. I do everything for him. He is a big dog. I am very afraid of vets. How do I know if he is OK? Is he OK? I have not been sleeping or eating. I feel like I can't trust anyone.

I am not sure I understand your question. If you are not going to call the vet, what do you mean by asking if a vet would do this? If the dog is OK, your husband should be fine as well. Have you been to the vet?

I was very concerned about an anitbiotic my 8 year old dog got last week at a pet store. I got the dog back home as soon as I called. I am so afraid of them getting sick. I am very upset at the treatment I got at the vet. I really love my dog, and would be very upset if anything happened to him. I never got any kind of answer about the antibiotics.

Dear Dr. Pitman: My dog is only 2 years old. She is a golden retriever/Lab mix. I think she has a worm infection. I've been feeding her Nature's Bounty dog food. Should I give her something else?


I have just lost a beloved dog who had been diagnosed with heart disease. In August I had to bring him to the hospital and he died that day after being there two weeks. He had had high blood pressure for a few months. Since then I have been trying to find out as much as I can about his death. He was cremated. In September, the first day I saw the vet he seemed fine and no one ever told me anything about his illness. When he died I took his ashes to a vet I know but he was very vague about his illness.

I have done a lot of searching and reading and all I can find is a reference to cancer as his actual cause of death. I was diagnosed with cancer and I am now in remission. I have a doctor who told me that if I had had the right tests and looked after myself properly I would not have had cancer in the first place.

My dog has a severe case of heart disease. Can he be treated with a natural remedy?


My dog has a severe case of heart disease. Can he be treated with a natural remedy? My vet has prescribed medicines but they seem to slow down the disease progression rather than stop it.

I have found a company that is said to give "100%" relief of arthritis and back pain. It's called Dr.Drs.Arthritis Solution and they don't sell it to be honest. They send it to you.

Well the reason I know about them is I have it. I am not a Doctor or anything. My mother has arthritis and they sent her a small bag of the stuff. When I got it I was surprised because I had thought it only worked on humans.

I don't know if it was because of the company or not. I just thought I would tell you about it, you may find it interesting.

hi my dog had a heart attack yesterday an has just got home and had his breathing checked by the vet and he is ok but what happens now is he does seem to be in alot of pain and the vet has also said that there is a chance that he could have a blocked artery which is a heart attack so my question is could this help him ? if so would I have to wait for days or weeks to see if it helped or what ?


My dog was diagnosed with a Heart Attack

My vet prescribed medicines but they don't seem to have helped.

Now my dog is being looked after at home and I have found this Dr's Arthritis Solution that is said to give "100%" relief of arthritis and back pain. It's called Dr.Drs.Arthritis Solution and they don't sell it to be honest. They send it to you.

My dog has just got home and I was wondering if


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