4 pics 1 word dog and cat

4 pics 1 word dog and cat

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4 pics 1 word dog and cat (1st and 2nd one's were the same word, but one word is a dog and the other is a cat. They have names on the bottom with their names.)

We have a family dog, a family cat and a 3rd pet cat.

The first is a 2-year old golden retriever named Lucy. She got really sick and had to be put to sleep a little while ago. It breaks my heart, but it was the right thing to do for her. She was so sick and was going blind. It was hard for me because she was my best friend in the world, and I really liked having a dog. So, I don't like the idea of losing a pet, but what could I have done to save her?

The second cat is a 3-year old male Siamese cat named Max. We rescued him about 2 months ago when he was only about 2 weeks old. He had a lot of damage to his ear, face and body that he has healed. He doesn't have a collar, and we have no idea who owns him. We had seen him at the shelter about a month before we got him, but his mom was brought in about the same time, so he was hidden from us for a while. We think his mom was killed by a car accident, but we don't know for sure. Anyway, he was about the same size as Lucy when we got him. It was only about 3 weeks later that we noticed a difference in size. Lucy was about 2 years old when we got her, and Max is only about 4 months old. Lucy used to be the runt of the litter.

The third cat is a 10-year old male cat named Mr. Peepers. He is very friendly and sweet and was in the family for about 8 years before we got him. He is a bit big, but he is a very calm cat. He is very good at hiding. He is not a fast walker. Lucy and Max are very fast walkers and could probably outrun him if they had the chance. But they don't get a chance to run around. Max spends his time at the back yard. And Lucy is very scared and always stays next to me. I think that we are both used to each other. Max stays in his crate when I leave the house. He has no problem sleeping in his crate.

The fourth cat is a 2-year old tabby female named Snowball. She came into the shelter as a stray, and then they found her mother and put her and the mom's kittens up for adoption. I adopted the little girl. Snowball came with the mom and her 3 kittens. I have never seen a mom take care of her kittens like that before. Even when she was a little kitten, she was extremely fast and she would always get away. She would run away, she would hide, she would run away, she would hide. This made the mom mad, but she loved her. She wouldn't let us separate them. We wanted to keep Snowball because her mom came with her. But we didn't want the other kittens to get separated from their mother. So we gave Snowball to a neighbor, but we told him to keep the other kittens. He didn't know how to take care of them, and they didn't like being left alone, so they always wanted us to be there. We finally gave them to a friend of mine. They were very sweet kittens. They liked their mom so much that they followed her around all the time. But they are a little bit older now. They are used to being in their own house now. They eat at home, they sleep at home, they stay put at home.

The final cat is a 12-year old male cat named Mr. Mumbles. He is the only cat in the house. He came with us when we moved in. His sister died, so we had to leave him. He went with us, so we had to keep him. He didn't really know what to think of us, but he has gotten used to us now. He's fine. He doesn't always want to be around us, but he's just fine. He likes to be around us, but he'll leave us if he wants to be alone.


### **KITTEN MOM**














## **DAD**

## **MOM**


## **LUCY**

## **DUSTY**

## **MOUSE**

## **MOM &, DAD**

## **CHICKEN**

## **CAT**

## **CALICO**

## **NIGEL**

## **MR. NIGEL**

## **CAT #1**

## **CAT #2**



As I told you, my name is Mouse, and I live in the basement of the house. I live with Mom, Dad, a cat, a dog, a goose, and a snake. I have lots of friends. Some are dragons. Some are fish. Some are mice. Some are cats. Some are humans.

### **CAREFUL**

Some of my friends, especially the humans, come in and out of the house. Sometimes they are kind. Sometimes they are cruel.

Sometimes they are just annoying.

### **DAD**

There are a few other humans who live in the house too. But they mostly stay downstrs, where I am allowed to come and go as I please.

The rest of the humans mostly sleep upstrs, in the house above my head. But even some of them sleep on the roof sometimes.

Dad is always working on things. Even when he is not working, he is making something. Some days he is mending something. Some days he is making something new. Some days he is trying to make something that is already broken.

Some days I like what Dad is making. Some days I like to help Dad.

### **PATIENCE**

We're really not supposed to go upstrs. But I sneaked out one day. There was a big hole in the wall and the floor was cracked, so I could walk right out of the basement.

I walked along the wall until I reached the door that led upstrs. I looked both ways, and, sure enough, I saw Mom and Dad and other humans asleep in their room. But there was nothing I could do to get into the house.

I tried to open the door. I poked the door with my tl. I banged my tl agnst the door. But nothing I did could budge the door.

I could only see one way of escape: a big hole in the floor of the house right next to my room.

I went to the hole and poked my nose through. It was a big

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