Owens dog box accessories

Owens dog box accessories

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Owens dog box accessories

Owens dog box accessories - The Ultimate Dog Crate

Here's one that might surprise you: dog box accessories. It's not really a luxury for a dog owner. Actually, it is, because you want to make sure that you get the best for your dog. Here's one that might surprise you: dog box accessories. It's not really a luxury for a dog owner. Actually, it is, because you want to make sure that you get the best for your dog.

I do not think anyone could really fault me for this one. I had no idea that an item called the Ultimate Dog Crate existed until a couple of months ago when I made the mistake of taking a stroll down the dog section at our local pet store. To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. I went from zero to sixty in less than a millisecond and was out of the store before I realized it. The item I found there had me and my wife scratching our heads, and now that I've been to my local humane society to see what they have, I feel compelled to start sharing the news with the world.

The item in question is the Ultimate Dog Crate. It is a self-contned "crate" for your dog. What is the difference between a crate and a dog box? When I spoke to Mark Owens, the man responsible for the product, he helped clear up this question once and for all. "The thing that I like to say is it's a portable crate," Owens sd, "you can take it with you." So, not only is this a crate, it is a portable one.

What is the point of a portable crate? Mark Owens went on to tell me about a man named Michael T. B. Smith. "He is a police officer, and his wife was murdered," Owens sd. "The police sd that his dog was the only thing that was really the same as she was, and he couldn't have his dog with him in the police department." The best place for a dog to be during a police investigation was in a crate. The portable crate would allow the dog to be with his master when he was in the police department.

As I walked into my local humane society, the lady behind the desk was in the middle of her shift and could not help me. I was hoping that she would pass on the news to her supervisor, who might have some answers, but that did not happen. As it turned out, the only person that could help me at that moment was the man that designed the crate in the first place. Mark Owens had been following the news in the United States for this particular pet product, so he already knew that Smith's dog had been the centerpiece of this tragedy.

Owens went on to tell me that the crate did not allow for Smith to get up and walk around the room, but it did allow for Smith to look in the crate and say "What's the matter with you, boy? Why don't you just settle down." If the dog did not settle down, the police could force him to take a seat in the crate and have a little "chat." So, the crate provided Smith with a distraction. By distracting his dog, Smith was able to deal with the tragedy without the dog's help.

With the help of that portable crate, a man was able to stay with his wife and to stay with his dog in the police station. While no dog in the world could have prevented the tragedy, there was something that would have allowed Smith to deal with his loss in a far better way. That was the portable crate.

If you are responsible for dealing with the loss of a loved one, please be sure to take the time to consider portable crates. They are the perfect tools to allow you to deal with the tragedy in the best possible way.

### **_PORTAL CRATE 101_**

**The Port-A-Crate**

**Comes with a warranty**

**Avlable in different colors and sizes**

**From 1,300 to 5,000 square feet**

**Retls for about $250 to $2,500**

**Flexibility is built into the crate**

**Crates are avlable with or without the bed liner**

**Crates are avlable in two styles: plastic or wire**

**Crates are avlable with or without a carrying handle**

**Crates are avlable in different sizes for animals of different sizes**

**Crates come in different colors: gray, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, tan, white, etc.**

**Crates come with a warranty of between 1 and 5 years**

**Crates are great for transporting large items (over 5,000 square feet), or when transporting items that don't fit in the usual sized crate**

**Can be delivered to your doorstep or other location for a fee**

**Crates can be assembled at your location for a fee**

**The advantages of the Port-A-Crate**

**There is no assembly required**

**Crates can be disassembled and the components stacked for easy storage and transport**

**Crates are designed to be portable and are easy to move, or even float if necessary**

**The advantages of the bed liner**

**The bed liner provides additional protection for the items inside the crate**

**Items in the crate are not exposed to dust or mud**

**Items can be placed in the bed liner in a different order if desired**

**Items stored in the bed liner are easier to find**

**Crates can be transported without bed liners**

**The bed liner is inexpensive**

**Some of the disadvantages of the bed liner**

**The bed liner may become snagged when placed on top of an item, especially if that item is a hard object**

**The bed liner may not provide protection for items with sharp corners or protrusions**

**Items stored in the bed liner may be damaged by other items**

**Things to consider before you purchase**

**Do you plan on using the crate in a commercial or industrial environment?**

**How much weight do you expect to put in the crate?**

**Will you be transporting any sharp objects?**

**Do you plan to transport an animal crate or a pet carrier?**

**Are you going to transport items that you wouldn't normally store in the crate?**

**Are you going to use the crate to carry large items?**

**Are you going to transport items that are not fragile?**

**Do you need to keep contents of the crate away from the bottom of the crate?**

**Do you want the crate to be easily collapsible?**

**Do you plan on transporting the crate in another vehicle?**

**Are you concerned about safety?**

**Do you want to purchase any accessories for the crate?**

**Do you need to have a good seal when the crate is closed?**

**Do you need to have a good seal when the crate is open?**

**Have you considered keeping your contents in the crate instead of the bed liner?**

**Additional information**

**What material do you want the crate to be made out of?**

**Is the crate to be solid or foldable?**

**Will you be transporting the crate on a vehicle with many different types of cargo compartments?**


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