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Trained dogo argentino for sale! In the first game, one team is assigned to the offense, the other to the defense.

This is where you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming season and what it means for the teams and players of the National Football League. Each of the four divisions is covered, as well as the Pro Bowl and NFL all-star games. Plus, information about new rules and changes in the game.

With all this in the palm of your hand, you will feel like a football expert.

There is so much to know, that we even have an entire page on this site devoted to the history of the NFL.

Check out our History of the NFLpage!

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A short history of the NFL

Who invented the sport of football?

Football had its origins in Scotland, where the first rules were developed by Walter Montgomery in 1875. Montgomery's rules called for a five-yard off side, a ten-yard end zone and a round ball. Although Montgomery's rules had no kickers or extra points, the sport evolved and spread to Canada, Britain and the United States.

How did college football come to be?

Football made its first appearance at the University of Chicago in 1889, when coach Amos Alonzo Stagg introduced the sport to the Big Ten Conference. In 1896, Columbia University was the first institution to hold a football game, before the game became a common part of the college football experience. Football was played on campus, in public parks and on makeshift fields, with colleges forming teams for inter-collegiate play. The first official championship game in 1909 was between Harvard and Yale.

When did the NFL come to be?

In March of 1920, James F. Duffy purchased the Cleveland Indians baseball team to form the Cleveland Tigers football team. The Cleveland Tigers were the first professional football team to play a game and the first to play at a major professional stadium, Municipal Stadium. Shortly after the National Football League (NFL) began playing in 1922, the NFL and the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) merged. In the 1920s, colleges dominated the sport, with only five schools placing in the top 10 in both major college and professional football, but by the 1940s, professional football was becoming a mainstream sport. In 1946, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, was founded.

What is the Bowl Championship Series?

The Bowl Championship Series was created by the organizers of the first BCS games in 1998, when they created the Big 12, SEC and Pac-10 conferences to determine the NCAA football champion. The BCS format divides the football world into four conferences and determines the winner by the highest-ranked team in one of the four conferences. The BCS first split the top six football-playing schools in the country into two conferences, the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big 12. The conference champions in each conference played for the national championship. In 1998, the BCS expanded to all the Football Bowl Subdivision schools and the top four teams played for the national title.

What is the Rose Bowl?

The Rose Bowl Game, now known as the College Football Playoff (CFP), is one of the four major college bowl games played each year. The game is held in the Rose Bowl Stadium, in Pasadena, California. The stadium was built in 1922 and is one of the original seven BOWL institutions.

Do all schools play in bowl games?

No. The Division I-A football season has a 68-game regular season that begins in September and ends in early December, with the postseason played over five Saturdays from December 1 to January 3. The NCAA has an automatic bid into the eight major bowl games: the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl Classic, Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and National Championship. Five additional bowl games are selected by the NCAA at its discretion: the Chick-fil-A Bowl, the Gator Bowl, the Liberty Bowl, the Music City Bowl and the Capital One Bowl. Many of the major bowl games are played at a neutral site rather than in their home stadium, only the Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowls are held at a major university.

What are the criteria for the CFP?

All four teams must have a 3-0 record to qualify for the playoff, the top four scoring-margin leaders will compete for the national title and the four major bowl games will select their participants.

How does the CFP work?

The Rose Bowl Game, now called the College Football Playoff, will be a four-team playoff, with the No. 1 ranked team playing the No. 4 ranked team, and the No. 2 ranked team playing the No. 3 ranked team in semifinal games played at the Rose Bowl. The winners will meet on January 7 in the National Championship at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Do the Rose Bowl or College Football Playoff host any games?

The Rose Bowl, now called the College Football Playoff, will be a four-team playoff, with the No. 1 ranked team playing the No. 4 ranked team, and the No. 2 ranked team playing the No. 3 ranked team in semifinal games played at the Rose Bowl. The winners will meet on January 7 in the National Championship at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Why does the College Football Playoff have a name that is similar to the playoff system in the NBA?

The NCAA had planned on calling the College Football Playoff the College Basketball Playoff, but then decided to move to the more commonly used term football. The two college football divisions, the SEC and the Pac-12, decided to use the name instead of continuing with the NCAA Basketball Tournament name.

How did the College Football Playoff get its name?

The CFP needed a name that could fit multiple different conferences and leagues. They had to have a specific name that was trademarkable but not be too specific to a certain conference. The CFP also had to have a name that could be used outside of football. And they wanted to avoid using a name that would be associated with the basketball tournament.

Who are the schools participating in the College Football Playoff?

The four teams will be the No. 1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, the No. 2-ranked Clemson Tigers, the No. 3-ranked Oklahoma Sooners, and the No. 4-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The two teams from the Big 12 and the Big Ten will play in the semifinals at the Rose Bowl. The teams from the ACC, SEC and Big 12 were announced at the end of the season on December 8.

What is a CFP Bowl?

The College Football Playoff has four teams. These four teams play a four-team tournament to determine who plays who. They will play in the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl and the Peach Bowl. The four teams will be announced at the end of the season on December 8. The Rose Bowl will announce on January 2, the other bowls will be announced January 3.

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