Dog whatsapp status download

Dog whatsapp status download

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Dog whatsapp status download

Whatsapp status download

WhatsApp status: In India a man in his 30s has reportedly shot his girlfriend dead over the weekend. The body of the victim, who hasn't been named yet, was found by police at a location in east Delhi, according to The Times of India.

The body was discovered in a pool of blood on a sidewalk close to the house. "The victim's relatives told police that they don't know whether the incident happened in the house or on the sidewalk.

A source sd the victim's relatives have refused to take the body away because the couple lived together and that a joint family cremation will take place after seven days. "A case of murder will be filed in this regard," police sd.

The couple is believed to have lived together for a long time. Police were also investigating whether the two were married, as a document seen by Times Now was found in their house.

The victim was a housewife who had been married once before, but had no children. The police sd the man has confessed to shooting his girlfriend. Police are looking into whether he was in a state of mental illness.

The shooting comes just a week after two brothers were killed by their father-in-law after an argument over a dowry in Punjab.

The incident shocked many. "If I had been there, I would have intervened to stop him," sd one of the witness. He sd he saw two people arguing on the street and heard gunshots. "After that I heard the woman screaming and then she was silent," he sd.

The woman was reportedly shot in the chest and the stomach. The shooter has been arrested and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation, police sd.

It has been revealed in the video that the man was seen with a woman and her mother, who had been with him in the video. The man is alleged to have been abusive to the woman in the video.

The girl had left the man but later called him to compln. He also took away the mobile phone and stopped talking to her. The couple has also been heard screaming in the video.

A man has been arrested after his girlfriend posted a video of him abusing her on social media in the hope that people would listen to her.

The woman, from Mumb, uploaded a video of her partner on Facebook showing him yelling at her and her mother. She then went to the police station to file a complnt.

The man is heard in the clip saying he was fed up with her constantly nagging him and that he was going to get a divorce. "This is a new generation of women, she is just a child, she is just 21 and is just going through puberty," he sd in the video.

The video has since been removed from Facebook after the MumbPolice filed a complnt agnst the man. "A man from Pune was arrested today and has been charged under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act," Inspector of Police (IP) Datta Kumbhar told NDTV. "If he is found to be mentally unsound he will be sent to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

The couple also have a son who was watching the video and the police will have to decide whether to take him into protective custody. "He is under protective custody for his safety," sd Inspector Kumbhar.

The woman had left the man but later called him to compln. He also took away the mobile phone and stopped talking to her. The couple has also been heard screaming in the video.

"He would be brought to a hospital to be examined. We will send his medical report to the crime branch to decide whether the charge sheet will be filed or not

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