Benny's bagel dogs

Benny's bagel dogs

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Benny's bagel dogs were a bit weird. They didn't taste so good, and they certainly didn't smell like Bagels. But at least they were kosher!

It's time to get back to a more regular, weekly schedule, and I will be posting two or three times a week again. To kick things off, I will be posting a bit about myself, why I started doing blogging, some of the fun links I'll be posting over the next few months, and a list of my favorite blogs. To read my first post, you can go here. For more about me, read on!

Why I Blog

My motivation for this blog is simple. I love to talk about things that I think I am clever about, and about the things I am most passionate about: the world of science and technology, writing, and literature.

You may not agree with my posts. You may disagree with my points. You may even think I am a bit odd. But at least you'll know what I think!

Why not read one of the articles I've posted? The links are at the top of every page. It's all free, right here at my blog. It's really cool.


As mentioned above, there are plenty of good science sites out there. Here are some I like to check out. They're pretty neat, and have a great mix of both mainstream and quirky stuff. They're all pretty interesting, and many of them have a great sense of humor:

What I Don't Like

I don't post very much (at all, in fact) on political subjects. There are many different blogs that will cover these subjects much better than I can, and I think you should explore those. There are several political blogs out there, but you don't see me talking about them. I don't think they add to the conversation.

I don't do a lot of posting about my hobbies. While I do enjoy writing about the things I am passionate about (such as science and books), I've only posted about them a handful of times over the past year. And most of those posts were just "look what I did last week". I think I'm being pretty good with my time, so I don't see any reason to start posting more about it.

I don't post a lot about my family. I have great family and I love them very much. It's just not a hobby of mine.

Why I Love My Blog

There are a lot of things I love about this blog, and I'll point out a few of them here:

I like the people I am reading. I know this probably sounds weird coming from a blog, but in many cases it's nice to get a break from the "real world". I get to interact with friends and other bloggers, which is a fun and unique experience. I'm not sure how many people like this blog the same way.

Sometimes I miss being able to have an original idea or even something clever to say about something. It's great to share something I've learned with people, but it's also nice to write an original post and have something insightful to say.

I think my writing has gotten better and better. I can honestly say I'm proud of what I am now. I didn't post here for many months after I started because I was still struggling with putting together a cohesive idea. It's taken me about a year of trial and error and improvement to come to the point I am now. I like where I am at now.

This is my first non-toy blog, and it's pretty unique. If you aren't reading about my toys, then you will probably get bored when I talk about my kitchen and other hobbies. I'd rather just write about what I'm interested in at the moment.

Sometimes I get a "taste" from another's post, or from looking at someone else's blog. Blogsphere is a great community. You never know what to expect from other people.

Sunday, June 22, 2005

I decided to spend an hour in the computer room to spend some time thinking about what I wanted to do on my blog. I'm not sure what I want to post yet, but I did get a good idea of what I like about this blog and what I would like to improve.

My first impressions of a blog are the comments that I'm getting and how easy I can write. This is a good thing, because I am not good at writing. I think I've gotten better with time. I like to communicate.

I have been blogging for about 2 months. It has been a fun experience. I'm having a lot of fun learning and getting used to the "real world" of writing and blogging. I am very impressed with the amount of information I've gotten.

My first impressions are that I am getting a lot of info and that I have gotten good ideas about what I am interested in and what I want to do.

This blog has been a big help in starting my own. I've learned a lot about myself.

I have never written anything before this. My first time was on a site called I am going to see what I can do with this place.

It is now Monday, July 13th, and I decided to do this survey. We all get to do this survey. There are only one hundred words, and there are three questions. Please click on the poll when you are done. Then post what you answered and what you liked most or least in the comments. We need to know what you think of this survey.

Sunday, June 15, 2005

I had my first interview with the department I'm applying to, the Department of Communication, last Thursday. They had a couple questions. One was what I would do if I were hired, and one was what area of the field of Communication I would like to focus on. The first thing they asked was what I think about marketing, and I was able to give a brief statement about it. The second question was about what area I would like to focus on. I would like to focus on both research and teaching, but obviously I would probably have to have more research experience than teaching experience. They asked a couple of specific questions about what I would like to research, and what classes I would like to teach. They also had some suggestions for me on what would be a good field to study.

I met with my advisors last week about my senior year. They had some suggestions as well, and some questions about what areas of research I would be interested in and what classes I would like to teach. They had a list of recommended areas to focus on as well, so I narrowed it down to some. I also met with my Career Services Director. He also had some good suggestions, but I didn't really learn much from the meeting. He said that if I really want to focus on teaching, that there is some research in the area of linguistics, but that it was very difficult. He also said that there are professors who have research interests in research areas and professors who have teaching interests in teaching areas. He told me that I should probably go out for an internship, in the language area I chose. He also said that the language department is extremely supportive, and that my advisor told him that my thesis work would be very strong.

So, I'm waiting to hear back on some of my other interviews, with two other departments. After that, I'll probably know if I have the job or not. The departments who rejected me so far were pretty cool about it though. They weren't mad, and they weren't disappointed

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