My cat is a communist

My cat is a communist

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My cat is a communist

My cat is a communist.

She sits on her haunches on the front edge of the sofa and meows at me. She is sitting on her hind legs with front legs outstretched and paws on the ground. She is using her teeth to chew her favourite food. The cat’s eyes are closed, as if her brn is asleep. I put her favourite meal on the coffee table, on top of some books. She doesn’t move. She lets me do all the work, as I usually do. And she eats and eats and eats. She always lets me feed her, even when she has finished. She loves me.

How can she be a communist? Because she loves me. Because she is sharing. Because she lets me take care of her. Because she lets me do all the work.

I like cats. When I have more money, I will get one. But I won’t make her work or clean up after her, or feed her. She will have to clean up after herself, like she does now.

She just wants to be in my lap. Like a human. I don’t even have a television. She is a communist. She can be a communist as long as she stays in my lap.

A few weeks ago, I was at a loss as to what to do to fix my computer. I used to fix computers for a living, but since I retired in 2009 I have had a lot of free time. And some bad free time.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I took the computer apart. And then I found I was still at a loss. I decided to leave the computer in pieces. I was going to have to put it together later, but I wasn’t ready.

My son and daughter-in-law were visiting. My granddaughter was not yet born. My daughter and I wanted to have a quiet weekend at home. We were having a beautiful weekend in June. And the computer still needed to be fixed. So I gave up on trying to fix it on that weekend.

I spent the weekend fixing the computer, and I got a lot of other things done. I put my daughter’s stuff away. She is now in an apartment near campus, where she will live for a few years, as part of her graduate program.

By the weekend I was almost ready to put the computer back together. It wasn’t broken at all.

I had a lot of time on my hands that weekend. So I thought I would take the computer apart once more. Just to remember what I did and what I did not know.

After doing so, I realized that I had forgotten the hard drive.

So I took a lot of photographs of the computer with my new phone. And I took the photos off of the computer, and saved them on my hard drive on the phone.

I have been using the computer ever since. With my new phone. I am really pleased with the upgrade.

I think the computer is in pretty good shape. The hard drive is still there and still works fine. The hard drive may not be the original hard drive, but it works, so it is all good.

In fact, I am thinking of doing it all over agn and using a new computer. This computer may need a new hard drive. I’ll know when I open it up. But it has been in the attic of our garage for quite a while. And the computer does not seem to be using a lot of electricity.

I’ll let you know if I do it agn.

Have you ever changed computers? What did you do? Was it a good experience? If you did it, please write about your experience. I want to know your experiences too.

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