Tired dog is a happy dog

Tired dog is a happy dog

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Tired dog is a happy dog. The trick is making sure you can give him the time he needs. You can start by giving him what he needs — which means lots of attention and lots of exercise.

Crate-trning a puppy should begin when he is about six weeks old and must be done every day for the rest of the puppy's life. As a puppy gets older, the dly crate sessions should be extended for an hour or two, depending on your pup's age and activity level. When you first put your pup in his crate, he'll likely follow his own curiosity and explore the room. Let him investigate the crate's various features for at least a minute before you step in and redirect his attention to another activity. This will give him something to focus on besides investigating his crate. Redirection may take the form of a toy, a piece of food, a brief walk, or simply tapping on the side of the crate. Whatever you do, redirection is part of the process of teaching the dog to tell you when he's ready to stop playing.

**TIP: A** _frozen dog treat can act as a substitute for an enticing chew toy when a dog is first crate-trned. Be sure to thaw the treat completely before offering it to your dog._

If your pup starts to whine or cry, stop what you're doing and try agn later. Be patient. The crying means the puppy is frustrated and in need of a break. You'll know what to do next.

**Puppy Play-And-Pace**

A puppy's first instinct is to play, and this is as hard for a pup to resist as it is for a human. Remember that you must now put a stop to all roughhousing — no more jumping on the sofa or digging up the carpet. When puppy play gets out of control, it becomes trning. As a result, you'll need to be ready for any type of play. If you catch a pup's playtime and remove him from the situation, he may become confused, frustrated, and give up play forever.


This is the best position for a relaxed, contented dog. The dog is supported on his front legs in a V position with his chest at the height of a chr back. All limbs are strghtened out with the dog's front legs bent. This allows a dog to fall asleep easily in a reclined position.

TIP: Use a small crate to acclimate your puppy to a crate. Avoid using a crate too early, leave it until your puppy is about eight weeks of age.

If the puppy starts to whine or cry, he's in distress. The puppy is not physically hurt but is in need of comfort or assistance. Common causes of crying include: discomfort, anxiety, annoyance, loneliness and boredom. This last item is the most common reason for crying. Bored pups have upper-teeth biting, which can also cause pn. If you see your puppy in this situation, the solution is to play with him. You might feed him or offer a favorite toy for him to gnaw on. Also, patting his favorite area on his body, like his forehead, can offer comfort.


Bored dogs have many problems. First and foremost, they should have something to do and they should get some exercise. Make sure that your dog gets plenty of dly exercise and playtime.

There are different activities to keep a dog busy. Some dogs find one activity so entertning that it is always a good choice. Most dogs are not so interested in a single activity that they ignore everything else you ask them to do. This means you need to try a wide variety of different activities to be sure your dog gets proper exercise and mental stimulation.

Puppy play is very different from adult play. As a rule, adult dogs tend to initiate play, and puppy dogs want to be part of the action. Puppies usually find one type of play to be far more entertning than another. Some dogs are not interested in roughhousing, wrestling, or any form of physical activity. To be fr to all dogs, you should allow your puppy to explore different activities on his own until he finds something that he thoroughly enjoys. That's when you'll know what activity is a favorite.

Puppy-proofing a house is about more than just selecting the best location for your puppy's crate. It is also about making sure that a puppy's safety and well-being are not compromised in any way. Follow these simple guidelines when choosing a puppy-proofed house:

• The room where your puppy will be sleeping should be free of hazards such as cords, heating and cooling equipment, window-unit r conditioners and televisions.

• The floors in your puppy's sleeping area should be nonslip and should be puppy-proofed — this may mean increasing the number of nonslip rugs, or using carpet tiles instead of traditional carpet.

• A temperature setting for the puppy's sleeping area should be avlable. This is a good idea because young puppies have little control over their own body temperature and can become too hot or cold, especially if the sleeping area is carpeted.

• There should be a toy chest in the puppy's sleeping area, a bed in the corner, and the floor should be covered with puppy-proof ceramic tiles or another nonslip surface.

**Puppy crates and boxes provide safe areas for your puppy to feel comfortable while spending extended periods of time indoors.**


Before you choose a breed and get your puppy or dog, you need to know what type of environment you're choosing for him. Most puppies can be introduced to a wide variety of foods at once and will easily consume small meals all at once. For puppies and adult dogs with settled digestion, one meal per day is ideal. In general, dogs should have one larger meal and one smaller meal per day.

Puppies have an extra weight-bearing joint in their front legs and can therefore feel the extra burden on their feet. Some puppies develop a

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