Great choice dog crate

Great choice dog crate

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Great choice dog crate is very practical and suitable for most dogs. I'm very pleased with my purchase. My dogs look great inside the crate. Very good quality product. My dog doesn't like it and the crate is too small, however, after I have removed it and taken it home for a couple of days the situation has improved. Now I'm pleased with the product. Very convenient!

I recently purchased this crate for my puppy. It is perfect. It is much larger than most crates my dog has had. The size is just perfect to keep her warm and provide her with a comfortable place to rest. It is strong and feels sturdy. The sides are padded and the top is soft fabric. I do wish the mesh was larger. Overall, I think this is a wonderful product. I would recommend this crate.

I have purchased two different puppy crates for our dog. Both of them have been great. I like how easy it is to put in place.

I like how easy it is to move around. The mesh part is the most important part, since my dog keeps knocking his head through the hole, even though there is padding. They are not the softest thing but the mesh is what keeps my pup safe.

I like how it can be used for travel and it is easy to put together.

My pup is a little bit bigger than a small kitten and I don't want her to get trapped inside it. It is larger than the standard, yet smaller than the full size puppy crates. It is great!

There is nothing wrong with this crate. I use it daily for travel and it works great. It is very sturdy and doesn't move around too much. My dog is very picky and loves this crate.

The quality of the material is also great. The only thing I don't like is that it can get wet, which makes me worried when I go to travel.

This crate is perfect for all types of situations. It is very durable and sturdy. I've had it for a couple of years now and still use it.

My dog has a terrible time figuring out this crate. I love it for the fact that it is sturdy and portable. I don't want her to be confined at all while we travel.

For Travel and Safety

My dog has a hard time getting out of it. I like how it has mesh to make sure she doesn't hurt herself but it is not made out of soft materials. The material is sturdy but light enough that it can be taken anywhere.

The top is easy to open and close, without any trouble. I find it very easy to clean it as well. There is no smell or worry about it getting dirty.

There is a latch that can be tightened to make sure it is sturdy and that it won't open unexpectedly.

It can easily be taken out, whether I am going out or travelling with it. It is durable and doesn't bounce or move around at all. It is just what I need for travelling with my dog.

For Pets and Animals

There are easy to see markings on the inside. I like how the plastic is clear so that I can see inside.

There is nothing that should worry about your dog in there. This crate is completely safe and will not cause any harm. It is sturdy and doesn't bounce around easily.

There is a latch on top to make sure your dog won't get out by accident. You will have to be careful though, to tighten it so that it won't open unexpectedly.

Dog Crate for Travel and Safety

I love how well it holds my dog. I don't have to worry that she will jump out of the crate or have any trouble.

It can easily be taken in and out of a car. It is also sturdy and won't move around too much.

It will provide some protection for your dog during the travel.

The clear mesh makes it easy to clean the crate as well.

There is a good amount of room for a dog to move around in.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this crate is an excellent choice. It is easy to use and provides a safe and secure place for your dog to sleep. It is made from sturdy plastic that doesn't bounce around at all. It provides excellent protection during travel. The clear mesh makes it easy to clean. There is even room for the dog to move around freely.


Safe and secure

Plastic is sturdy

Easily taken in and out of a car

Great for travel and safety


Crate too small for bigger dogs

The pet proof latches are not very strong. It is easy to open.

Final Verdict

This is one of the best crates for traveling with your dog. It provides protection while traveling. It is easy to clean and use. This crate is perfect for use on a short trip. It is safe and offers enough room for the dog to move around. All in all, it is a good purchase.

6. Pet Crates For Pet Travel &, Safety – An Easy Pet Crate Travel System – Amazon

If you are looking for a pet travel crate that can be used on short trips, this crate is a good choice. It is easy to use and provides more protection. The best thing about this crate is that it can be used for the journey from door to door.

Design and Features

The crate is made from plastic and metal. It is a double crate. It has two levels. This is a great crate for medium to large dogs. The crates come with double latches for pet proofing.

There are some pet proofing latches for extra protection for your dog. The latches are designed to keep out small pets and children.

It is an all in one system that helps with transporting the dog and provides the much

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